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Our Cross Laminated Timber speaks for itself

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Working with SmartLam for our mass timber build was exceptional. At Studio Puisto, one of our main specialties is sustainable architecture and we are grateful to have found a reliable partner in SmartLam to help us turn visions into reality for our clients. Even though our office is based across the pond (all the way up north in Finland!), their active communication and tireless attention to detail made the end result a resounding success.

– Willem van Bolderen
Partner, Architect M.Sc. SAFA
Studio Puisto Architects | Helsinki, Finland[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

SmartLam takes a consistently comprehensive approach to all its work: both in the specific delivery of individual projects and in its engagement of the emerging mass timber industry more broadly. This makes the company an incredibly valuable partner, flexible in its approach and always seeking to optimize cost, schedule, and quality within the framework of the entire building material and system supply chain— material procurement, engineering, manufacture, transport and installation. I’ve had the opportunity to work with SmartLam in several venues—industrial and environmental policy discussions, material testing procedures, and specific architectural projects including a large school building and a home for two formerly homeless families.

I would not hesitate to work with the company, its leadership, its excellent engineering staff and its manufacturing team on any development and construction project we undertake. In fact, I’m likely  to turn to SmartLam first.

– Alan Organschi
Partner and Principal, Gray Organschi Architecture | LC New Haven, CT
Founding principal, JIG Design Build LLC | New Haven, CT
Director, Yale Regenerative Building Lab, Yale School of Architecture, Yale University | New Haven, CT

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